Detailed Features

Resume Creation and Management

  • Fully flexible and customizable resume sections and items.
  • Most fields are optional, letting you add as little or as much information as you want.
  • Hidden sections allow you to temporarily hide items from export or view.
  • Shared sections make it easy to include the same information in multiple versions of your resume, without retyping anything.
  • Download history keeps recently exported files for your records, allowing you to easily compare different templates or versions.

Professional PDF Export

  • We use commercial, expert OpenType fonts to generate your exported PDFs.
  • Generated PDF files are high-resolution and camera-ready—you can take them directly to a professional printer or publisher for reproduction.
  • Our fonts support expert typographical features, such as ligatures.
  • Our advanced, automated PDF generation backend provides professional typesetting features such as proper justification, hyphenation, kerning, etc.
  • Select from one of our many predefined templates, or easily create your own custom theme using your favorite colors and any of our layouts and font themes.

Beautiful Hosted Web Resumes

  • Templates used for generating PDF are also available in HTML form for published resumes that we host for you.
  • Just as with PDF export, there are many beautiful typefaces to choose from.
  • Hosted resumes benefit from our library of professional web fonts.
  • Published resumes are conveniently accessible on the internet at your custom URL:
  • We also host the PDF version of your published resume, easily accessible to anyone to view and print by clicking the PDF icon.

Simple Billing

  • Renewal occurs on an annual basis so that you can use CV Foundry as much or as little as you need.
  • We simply mark your account as inactive if you do not renew immediately so that you can easily pick where you left off later by renewing.
  • For example, when you’re not actively searching for a job, you may let your account fall inactive until you need it again.
  • On the other hand, if you want us to host your published resume, to make it available to potential customers and employers at all times, you can maintain your account hassle-free by renewing annually.

Your Data Remains Free and Secure

  • CV Foundry has a very flexible export system which produces PDF, HTML, and plain text files.
  • You can export your resumes to standalone HTML files at any time—either plain HTML or with one of our templates.
  • If you prefer, you can download a plain text version—even our plain text export is nicely formatted.
  • All data is transferred securely over SSL using high grade encryption.

International Support

  • We are based in the United States, but we offer features that are useful to an international audience as well.
  • You can choose between A4 paper and US Letter paper for exported PDFs.
  • It’s simple to add a photo to your resume, which is standard practice in many countries. This is supported by many, but not all of our templates.
  • Unicode input is supported in all resume fields and for HTML, PDF, and plain text support. Many fonts, however, do not have glyphs for all characters in all languages. Garamond Premier Pro has very good Unicode coverage, but others do not fare so well. Similarly, the web fonts used for published resumes do not include all Unicode glyphs in order to keep the file sizes small.