Privacy Policy

We take your privacy very seriously. Below is a description of what information we collect in the course of providing the service, and what we do to protect it.

  • All information transmitted to and from our servers is sent over a secure SSL connection.

  • All data is stored on private servers, with no third-party users, and is protected by reasonable security measures against loss or unauthorized access.

  • We will not share individual user data with third parties without your consent, under any circumstances.

  • We collect and store the information you submit to us for the sole purpose of constructing and producing your resumes.

  • By creating a published resume, you authorize us to make the information available online to the general public.

  • We store two cookies in your browser when you log in, for the purpose of authenticating you and retrieving your data. These cookies are removed when you log out.

  • During the payment process, PayPal transmits to us (also over a secure connection) your name, email address, and billing address. We archive this transmission for our financial records, but we only actually use your name and email address, and only in rare cases we need to contact you. No personal financial details or account numbers ever are sent to us or stored by us.

  • We will only email you when it’s important, for example, when your account is about to expire.

  • When you visit pages on our site, our web server (like all others) stores your IP address, the date and time you access our site, and the Internet address of the website you used (if any) to link to our site. This information is used solely for the purposes of administering the site, monitoring security, and generating summary and usage statistics.

  • We use Piwik to monitor website usage statistics. Piwik stores a tracking cookie in your browser for the purpose identifying unique visitors, repeat visits, etc., but it does not personally identify you.