CV Foundry Tour


Screenshot of Dashboard

The Dashboard is your central area for managing, editing, exporting, and publishing your resumes and CVs as well as account management and renewal. On the Dashboard, you’ll find the sections described below.

Screenshot of Your CVs and Resumes

Your CVs and Resumes is where you manage your various resumes. You can have multiple resumes, and from here you can edit them or export and publish them with various themes.

Screenshot of Create a New CV or Resumes

Create a New CV or Resume allows you to either create a new empty resume or choose one with several common sections already included (e.g., Employment, Education, and so on).

Screenshot of Manage Published CV or Resume

Manage Published CV or Resume is where you can choose a resume to publish and a theme to publish it with. If you already have a published resume, you can modify it or unpublish it here as well. The URL to your published resume,, is displayed here as well, convenient for copying and pasting.

Since you can have multiple resumes, you can, for example, choose one to publish and reserve another for a specific job application. Linked sections (more below) make it possible to share sections across resumes without entering the information twice.

Screenshot of Your Downloads

Your Downloads is a list of previously exported files—PDF, HTML, and plain text—for your records. If you liked several themes, you can compare them and remove the ones you no longer need. This also provides a useful of previous versions of your resume.

Screenshot of Your Custom Themes

Your Custom Themes is a list of custom themes you have created that are available for use in exporting and publishing your resumes. You can create, edit, or delete custom themes at any time. These themes will appear at the bottom of the list of available themes on the export and publish pages.

Screenshot of Update Your Profile

Update Your Profile allows you to change your email address or password at any time.

Screenshot of Your Account

Finally, Your Account shows the expiration date of your account and provides a link to renew, extending your account at your convenience.

Edit Interface

Screenshot of Resume Details

When you edit a resume, you’ll be greeted with a form for filling out some basic details and contact information. This form and others like it have example placeholder text to help you quickly enter the information that’s relevant. All fields are optional.

Screenshot of New Section

Adding a new section is as simple as giving it a title and selecting the type, which determines how the items it contains will be formatted. You can also hide sections if you want to record some information, but perhaps not have it exported yet.

Screenshot of Link Section

Linked sections are one of the most powerful features of the site. They facilitate sharing sections across multiple resumes without entering the items more than once. In the screenshot above, a list of sections from the other resume is provided. You can avoid entering, say, your employment data twice by linking to the Employment section of the resume titled “Published CV.”

Screenshot of New Item

Creating new items is simple as well. In the screenshot above, we are creating a new item in an employment section. Again, all fields are optional. Enter as much or as little information as you wish and the formatting will be adjusted accordingly. For example, leaving the end dates blank indicates that this is an ongoing position.

Screenshot of Edit Interface

Editing and rearranging your sections and items is straightforward in the edit interface. Click Edit to make changes, Up or Down to move sections and items around, and New Item to create a new item in the section. You can also easily create new sections, link sections, or upload a photo.

Custom Themes

Screenshot of the custom theme interface

If you want to venture beyond the set of pre-defined themes, you can easily create your own custom themes by combining our layouts, typefaces, and date formats with custom colors of your choosing.

Now that you’ve seen how simple, yet powerful CV Foundry is, sign up now to get started creating and publishing your own beautiful resume.